I Mika_webam a biologist broadly interested in the ecology and evolution of mammals. Currently, I am an adjunct professor (docent) at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, and am also a member of the Crawford Lab collective at Simon Fraser University in Canada.


The overall theme of my work is to better understand the ecological and evolutionary consequences of conflict between individuals by focusing on the physiological, molecular-genetic, and life-history constraints imposed by these biological conflicts-of-interest.
My research interests are broadly based in ecology and evolution, with experience in:

  • tracking of enclosed field populations
  • mathematical modeling
  • quantitative genetic modeling
  • laboratory husbandry/artificial selection
  • phenotypic engineering
  • molecular paternity analysis
  • meta-analysis and systematic review
  • synthesis of theory
Mikael Mokkonen
Email: mikael.mokkonen[at]gmail.com


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