Teaching in Summer 2018

I will be the lecturer for BISC 202 (Genetics) and lab instructor for BISC 102 (Introduction II) at Simon Fraser University during the summer semester. If you are a student enrolled in either of these courses, please refer to the online resources in the course Canvas page. No materials will be posted on this personal website.


Key Insights feature added

Given the busy nature of research, we often don’t have time to thoroughly read all publications or remember key details when it comes time to write a paper. This website feature, called ‘Key Insights’, provides highlights for selected publications. These are key insights that the authors would like to emphasize that are main points, have been overlooked, are puzzling, or are a little bit of everything. I’m also happy to discuss any of these works in greater detail.

These short synopses will be updated as the weeks pass, and new papers are published.


New article in PNAS

We have a new paper in press at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. It is the first study to characterize a promoter microsatellite for the oxytocin receptor gene (Oxtr), and demonstrates how the length of these regulatory-region associated microsatellites corresponds to the level of gene expression, with corresponding fitness effects. Importantly, this study is also one of the first in vertebrates to characterize sexually antagonistic genetic loci – Oxtr and Avpr1a – which have different fitness optima in males and females. It is an open access article, viewable by anyone here.


Eija Lönn awarded a PhD at the University of Jyväskylä

Congratulations to Eija Lönn for successfully defending her PhD thesis in a delightful discussion with her opponent, Professor Craig Primmer (Turku University). While I could not attend in person, I was still in the audience (via Skype) and learned a lot of fascinating details about neurogenetics and molecular evolution. Well done, Eija!